Shareholders Showdown: Will Disney Break From The Beast?

Exclusive access to President Trump might sound good to a CEO, but it comes at a cost to your business. Just ask Uber chief Travis Kalanick. In early February, Kalanick was compelled to step down from Trump’s closed-door economic advisory council after People’s Action and other grassroots groups called for his resignation, and more than 200,000 Uber customers deleted their accounts. […]

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11 Principles for Resistance

Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency poses grave threats both domestically and abroad. Trump is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic nationalistic megalomaniac whose only known commitments, in the words of a friend, are “greed and vengeance.” We have already seen Trump and the Republican Party advance terrifying policies and proposals that aim to dismantle the progressive […]

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Maine Governor Goes Full Trump, Calls For Jailing Minimum Wage Advocates

Donald Trump’s campaign is sinking quickly, but GOP support for right-wing authoritarianism is still going strong – particularly in Maine. Days after the Republican presidential candidate suggested during a televised debate that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton should be jailed, Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, said that his political opponents should be imprisoned for “attempted murder.” The […]

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Resistance Spreading Like Water Across The Great Plains

The Wisconsin Uprising. Occupy Wall Street. Keystone XL. Black Lives Matter. Add Standing Rock to the list of social movements spreading across the country and reshaping the political landscape. Since April, the Lakota/Dakota Standing Rock Sioux have been holding a spirit camp outside of Cannonball, North Dakota, to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. When […]

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