Response to Senator Durbin: We Need Your Progressive Leadership


“I want to thank Senator Durbin for responding to my letter last week. I believe the health of our representative democracy depends upon dialogue between elected officials and their constituents.

I also want to applaud the Senator for pointing out that Social Security hasn’t added a cent to our deficit and should not be cut.  We need him to stand up for Social Security in Washington and reject proposals to raise the eligibility age or switch to a chained-CPI calculation for cost of living adjustments to this vital program.

In Senator Durbin’s response to me, he underscored that he is a progressive.  I am part of a growing coalition that is calling for Senator Durbin’s progressive leadership in this current budget showdown.  In 2009, Senator Durbin fought the Wall Street CEOs and stood up to Republicans by sponsoring legislation that would have allowed ordinary folks to renegotiate their mortgages before a judge.  After the bill’s defeat, Durbin stated that “the banks… are the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill.  And they frankly own the place.”  He clearly understood then that corporate lobbyists were pushing policies that have devastated families in Illinois.  We need him to stand up for us again…”

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(Featured post on Fire Dog Lake.)

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