Dear Mr. President: Stop Compromising, Start Leading

CEO Kitteh

“During the campaign season, President Obama claimed voters must choose between two visions for America.  We could choose to move forward towards shared prosperity or rely on the same reckless policies that led to economic collapse.  On November 6, the American people spoke in favor of shared prosperity.  A majority of Americans cast ballots for the President and for Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Americans are also quite clear about the meaning of shared prosperity: we need to invest in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs that build the middle class, not cut them.  According to an election night poll conducted by Peter D Hart Research Associates, 73% of Americans favor protecting Medicare and Social Security benefits over reducing the federal deficit.  That means Democratic and Republican voters alike think we need to preserve the economic safety net.  Only 18% said the opposite, that we should reduce the deficit even if it means cutting these programs.

So it is disturbing that President Obama is poised to roll back the New Deal and cut vital service programs all to lower our federal deficit…”

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