Debunking the myths about corporate tax transparency

Two corporate tax transparency bills, in Chicago and in Springfield, are picking up steam. Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan even chided rich corporations for demanding handouts when they contribute “little or nothing to help fund the very services from which they benefit significantly.” This makes the foes of corporate tax transparency nervous. In a Crain’s opinion […]

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Shooting Ourselves: Mass Killings, Austerity, and the Breakdown of American Society

By Jamie Merchant and Jacob Swenson Sandy Hook. Columbine. Aurora. Tucson. Fort Hood. These names ring out in popular memory as the sites of seemingly random, horrific atrocities. Mass violence and how we can address it has become a hot-button issue and for good reason. Last week, between October 26thand November 1st, there were five […]

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President Obama Must Go All In

President Obama’s administration has largely been a disappointment, not only to his liberal critics, but also to the President himself.  During his tenure, Republicans have manufactured a series of crises to extract significant concessions from him.  Yet, they want more, despite the fact that the Senate’s bill to fund the government is just 2% larger […]

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